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Hi, I am Rose Carver, or Ms. Rose as my students call me.  I am a 13 year certified Art teacher in Washington State, Arizona, Colorado and Florida.  
This website all about ART!  My favorite thing in the world. 
I am a professional artist, a teacher of all grades in Art and an advocate for the importance of Art in every child's education.
I know Art in schools lately has been limited.  Short amount of time to spend learning and doing art, only one day a week spent with Art time, and an inconsistency in the education from year to year leading to never developing strong Art skills.  I am here to change all that.  
My Art classes will emphasize drawing from the beginning and building to your strongest level,  Art history so that you can learn where styles and the novelty came into the Art world, and multi-cultural studies.  There will be off the paper and 3D studies. Last the study of the body.
This website also includes my personal art which is dot Art. 
Come enjoy all aspects of Art with me.  Let's CREATE!
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