Book, class, book...oh my!!!

BOOK: I've been away so long...but, exciting news...The first book will be available soon. I will post pictures when I have them.

'Professor Dotslots Explores: Lines, Shapes, Kandinksy'. It will teach you about the concept of 'eye, brain, hand' drawing and how EVERYTHING starts with a dot. Next, you'll learn all about Wassily Kandinsky, the first abstract artist that used lines and shapes in his famous works of art. The project section gives you fun and exciting ways to do YOUR Kandinsky and even includes ideas for expanding the projects for all ages. Last it gives you all the important vocabulary words. There will be a total of 7 books in drawing with 2 companion books. These books will mirror the online classes of The Art Imagitorium.

It's an 8x11 hardback, full of colorful pictures.

CLASS: Now that the first book is completed it's time to start filming the classes. This sketch is for the new backdrop that will be behind Professor Dotslots during the online classes. We'll keep you posted when they are available.

BOOK: Well, since the first one is complete it is time to work on the second book. This one will teaching you all about Line drawings: Contour, Blind Contour, Expressive, Gestural, and Cross contour. You'll learn all about Leonardo Da Vinci. You'll have two companion books: Facebook for the Expressive section. This will be a book you can draw in that will teach you the basic structure of the face; Bodybook for the Gestural section. Another book for you to draw in that teaches you how to draw a body and then sketch bodies in movement.

So much work to do! I will keep you updated!!!

Have a great day! Always be kind!

And Too-da-loo!!!

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